Winning Tender: €3.2 Million Accommodation Services for Persons Seeking International Protection Contract

A strategic approach is essential when securing contracts for providing vital services, such as accommodation for individuals seeking international protection. In this post, we delve into how Bid Specialists masterfully navigated the tender process to secure a €3.2 million contract for accommodation services.

Winning Tender: €3.2 Million Accommodation Services for Persons Seeking International Protection Contract


Applicants needed to demonstrate significant capacity and capability in the provision of the following accommodation services:

-Bedroom accommodation
-Maintenance and cleaning
-Security and supervision
-Management and staffing
-Continuity of service
-Independent living
-Resident’s wellbeing

Bid Specialists completed the tender response end-to-end. We qualified, planned, strategised and wrote the entire response. We crafted a compelling response to outscore the competition.

Bid Specialists' skills:

-Qualification strategy
-Win strategy (needs, differentiators & discriminators)
-Commercial strategy
-Team planning & management
-Content copywriting & editing
-Content graphic design & document branding

CPV codes

55110000-4 Hotel accommodation services
55100000-1 Hotel services
55130000-0 Other hotel services
55250000-7 Letting services of short-stay furnished accommodation
55270000-3 Services provided by bed and breakfast establishments
55330000-2 Cafeteria services
55510000-8 Canteen services
55511000-5 Canteen and other restricted-clientele cafeteria services
55520000-1 Catering services
85311300-5 Welfare services for children and young people
85321000-5 Administrative social services

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