Local Area Employment Services Contract Win Worth €3.5 Million

Securing the Local Area Employment Services (LEAS) contract for €3.5 million was no small feat. Learn how Bid Specialists played a pivotal role in crafting an unbeatable tender submission.

The Minister for Social Protection invited tenders to this request for tenders from economic operators to provide local Area Employment Services services.

The Services comprise employment assistance and advisory services to clients referred by the Department, primarily those long-term unemployed clients farthest from the labour market with barriers to labour market participation.

Winning Tender: €3.5 Million Local Area Employment Services (LEAS) Contract.

Local Area Employment Services

Tenderers were to demonstrate significant capability and experience under the following evaluation criteria:

-Service model and staffing
-Training quality of personnel
-Contract management

Bid Specialists played a critical role in developing a winning submission. Their comprehensive expertise in bid planning, bid management, win strategy, commercial strategy, writing and editing, and graphic design helped to craft a compelling response that outscored the competition and secured the contract.

Bid Specialists' skills:

-Tender Qualification
-Capture Strategy
-Win Strategy
-Solution Development
-Commercial Strategy
-Winning Process
-Tender Management
-Creative Writing
-Content Editing
-Graphic Design
-Desktop Publishing
-Expert Reviews
-Experience & Insight

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